Layout Planning Software

Part of designing and planning a layout, either large or small

really doesn't have to be difficult. The use of software, either

FREE, like Atlas RTS 5.0 or software you actually pay for

like RR-Track 4.01 will make the job of planning your

railroad empire much easier.

Here are some views of the RR-Track Software
Note the turnout choices are from the Atlas Track Library and the
Atlas RTS 5.0 Freeware Software.
I used both programs while designing the layout


In fact it could save you money, by

allowing you to order only what you need and not an excessive

amount more. Also, it will give you the complete flexibility of

seeing how your layout will fit into the space you want it to, or how

many walls you'd have to take down to make it fit...

KFN Railroad (Kalinka Farm North), used both the Atlas RTS 5.0 and

RR-Track 4.01 track layout software. Each has it's own sort of character

and once you have the idea of how they work, your layouts will take on

a dimension of their own.

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